Spaceship Referral Code: Get $10 Free!

Spaceship is a popular Australian micro-investing app and my number 1 performing investment. Before signing up, make sure you use this Spaceship referral code: S81EQD1W4M to get a bonus $10.

Here is how to claim your referral bonus from Spaceship:

How to Claim your Spaceship Bonus

Currently Spaceship is offering a bonus of $10 free when you sign up to use the app using a referral code. Here is how it works:

  1. Sign up to Spaceship using this referral link
  2. Enter the referral code: S81EQD1W4M
  3. Link your bank account and make your first investment.

Your bonus will get credited within 14 days.

Special $10 Bonus for September

When you use a promo code during the month of September, you'll get double the bonus. Usually, Spaceship offers just $5. So if you've been thinking about signing up to Spaceship, then now is a perfect time!

Why I like investing with Spaceship

Spaceship has been my number performing investment over the past few years. You can see my Spaceship Performance here.

  • Invest in the Future – I really like the ethos behind the Spaceship universe portfolio. I can invest in where the world is going not where the world has been. Many of the companies that make up the portfolio are products that I use and love. There is also a less aggressive index portfolio and the sustainable “Earth” portfolio.
  • Fee Free for the first $5k – The number one reason to use Spaceship are their super attractive fees. For the first $5k invested you won't pay any fees. This means you can build your nest egg and you don't need to worry about fees eating into your balance. Beyond $5k, it is still one of the cheapest ways to invest in shares.
  • Start with Just $5 – You don't need to be rich to invest in shares anymore. With Spaceship you can start investing with as little as $5 at a time.
  • Automated Investing – You can setup a recurring investment with Spaceship. You can just set and forget and invest on auto-pilot. This is great for dollar cost averaging.
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals – Investing using an app like Spaceship is definitely for the long term, but if you do need to withdraw, I found the process to be painless. Deposits are also really quick and are automated.
Spaceship Performance for 2021

Your Spaceship Questions Answered

Do you need to make an investment to claim the bonus?

Yes. The good news though is you can start investing using Spaceship with as little as $5. Unlike traditional investing apps, you don't need hundreds of dollars to start investing.

What is the difference between Spaceship and Spaceship Voyager

Spaceship Voyager used to be the name of the micro-investing app from Spaceship. They now just refer to it as Spaceship Invest. Spaceship also offers a super product (there is no bonus offer when you sign up to Spaceship Super as far as I'm aware). If you come across mentions of Spaceship Voyager it's just the name of their old micro-investing app.

Which Portfolio should I invest in?

I can't give you investment advice. Choosing a portfolio should be done based on your own financial circumstances. I'm currently invested in the Spaceship Universe Portfolio. This invests in future looking companies. Spaceship also offers an index portfolio (made up of 200 of the worlds most popular companies) and an “Earth” portfolio. The Earth portfolio contains sustainable companies. You can also choose to invest in multiple portfolios.

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