Australian Investing App Performance

Compare the performance of various Australian investing apps and products. Have you ever wondered how Raiz compared to Spaceship. Or how VDHG compares to Commsec pocket ETFs? Here is a breakdown of performance of the top investing apps.

Annualised performance for a 3 year period from August 31 2021 unless otherwise stated. This data should be used as a rough guide only. Remember past performance does not indicate past results.

Raiz ConservativeManaged 4.92%
Raiz Moderately ConservativeManaged6.52%
Raiz ModerateManaged7.99%
Raiz Moderately AggressiveManaged9.56%
Raiz AggressiveManaged10.51%
Raiz EmeraldManaged12.44%
Raiz SapphireManaged32.89%2020/21 Performance Only
Spaceship UniverseManaged29.77%Annualised since inception (May 2018)
Spaceship EarthManagedFund less than 1 year old
Spaceship OriginManaged12.44%Annulised since inception (May 2018)
Vanguard VDHGETF9.24%
Vanguard VASETF9.80%
Commsec Pocket Aussie 200 (IOZ)ETF9.76%
Commsec Pocket Aussie Dividends (SYI)ETF6.18%
Commsec Pocket Global 100 (IOO)ETF16.88%
Commsec Pocket Emerging Markets (IEM)ETF8.15%
Commsec Pocket Health Wise (IXJ)ETF13.81%
Commsec Pocket Sustainability Leaders (ETHI)ETF24.37%
Commsec Pocket Tech Savvy (NDQ)ETF26.70%

This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. This post is based on individual experience and journalistic research.

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